10 Things That Define a Rebel
10 Things That Define a Rebel

Look, if you drink Rebel Bourbon, then you’re a rebel. It’s simple as that. But some folks need more of an explanation, so here it is.

1. You don’t do anything half-assed. Whether it’s hopping on your bike to ride cross-country or just making a damn good cocktail, you always see it through.

2. You never stop searching for what makes you happy. Music festivals? Check. Camping? Check. A backyard barbecue? Check. You know how to find a good time — and then make it better.

3. You aren’t afraid to speak your mind. Rebels are known to be, ahem, a little outspoken. And that’s a good thing. Keep talking loud and clear about what’s important to you, but also know when to shut up and listen.

4. You question the status quo. Nothing ever got better without a brave rebel first asking, “why?” or “why not?”

5. You have plenty of confidence. When rebels speak, people listen (and it’s not just because we’re usually the loudest). It takes guts to replace every bottle at the party with Rebel Bourbon, but someone’s gotta do it.

6. You stick by your friends. “Ride or die” isn’t just a saying to you; it’s a way of life. Besides, who else is always going to be there when you’re ready to clink glasses?

7. You know your stuff. Music, sports, cooking — whatever your thing is, you’re known as the expert among your friends.

8. You express yourself. Got tats, a signature cap, or just a sweet pair of sneaks? You’re not afraid to show them off, no matter what you’re rocking.

9. You know when to cross the line. As a rebel, you’re someone who stands up for your beliefs — no matter what.

10. You never stop learning. We’re not necessarily talking formal education here, just the understanding that you don’t know wha