The 5 Best Multitools Every Rebel Should Have

Ever since MacGyver used a magnifying lens, watch crystal, and newspaper to make a telescope, the value of multiuse items has not gone unnoticed. Perhaps your needs aren’t quite so life or death (or maybe they are, that’s your business), but a good multitool is always handy to have around, especially because carrying a full toolbox everywhere you go is just awkward.


5 Sunglasses Worth the Rebel Hype

When adventure lures you outdoors, you don’t leave without your basics: sturdy boots, a no-nonsense coat (when needed), and a pair of shades to shield your peeps from the sun.

Sunglasses come in two categories: cheap and disposable (if you’re of the mindset that all sunglasses are the same), or worth the investment — meaning you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks on a decent pair that you’ll keep around.

It’s your call entirely which way you go — but if you’re considering the second path, you need to know which live up to the hype.