The Rebel’s Holiday Survival Checklist
The Rebel’s Holiday Survival Checklist

The holidays are coming up, and normally this would be a time to stock up on Rebel Bourbon and just power through them the best you can. And that’s still the case this year, even if the season might look a little different.

But, whether you’re decking the halls more modestly this time around or still planning a big family gathering, here are a few hints to help get you through it all.

Discourage porch pirates
Anyone working from home has discovered this valuable benefit: you’re actually there when packages get delivered. Instead of sending your late-night impulse buys to the office, feel free to put your home address on the order. If you’re presence has been requested at the office, don’t worry — chances are good at least one of your neighbors is still rocking that WFH life and can sign for you.

This is the year for a fried turkey
Maybe you’ve always meant to try it but just didn’t have time, or maybe others just wouldn’t support your pyro tendencies. But this is it, this is your year — you’re gonna fry a turkey. We’ve got a step-by-step guide here, but some things to keep in mind include not using too much oil, patting the bird dry, and just generally not being stupid. Double down on that last one.

Come prepared with a game
Holiday gatherings always have their dead space, but this year take it upon yourself to fill it. Instead of arguing about politics, bust out a timely board game. Direct everyone’s attention toward curing an infectious disease outbreak with Pandemic (yes, this existed before 2020 and now has tons of expansion packs). You’ll play as a team and race against time to save the world, and hopefully some people (looking at you, Aunt Cheryl) will learn a thing or two.

Eat with abandon
This year has been a lot, even for us rebels. But, guess what: it’s comfort food’s official season, and as far as we’re concerned, that means we can eat whatever we want. (Who are we kidding, we’ve been doing that all along — we don’t answer to anyone.) So get that second helping of sweet potatoes. Have that big slice of pecan pie. Have two. Why not?

Speaking of pies …
This is an excellent place to add some bourbon into the recipe. Soak those pecans in bourbon, add a splash to peach pie, add more than a splash to a maple-bourbon cream masterpiece. If you think bourbon sounds like a good addition, you’re right. Don’t be shy with it in the kitchen.

And speaking of bourbon …
Of course you need to make sure you’re good and stocked with Rebel. Whether it’s a pre-dinner swig with your buddies, a toast to the successful fried turkey you made, or a few post-dinner drinks around the backyard firepit, you can’t go wrong with Rebel. Make your preferences known, and hopefully you’ll find more bottles under the tree … or wherever your family puts the good stuff.