This Is How a Rebel Accessorizes
This Is How a Rebel Accessorizes

Think jewelry is for sissies? You won’t after seeing the handcrafted pieces made by Lugdun Artisans, a rebel-approved company that’s based in New York.

Why do we say rebel-approved? Because they do. The brand’s tagline is “for the rebel elite.”

Self-taught maker Marcos Miranda decided early on that he wanted to create rebel regalia for men and women that was rugged and tough, big and heavy, modern and sophisticated, and just plain cool. He crafts rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces using only precious metals, including silver and gold.

“We want to stand out from the typical ‘biker jewelry’ that tends to be cheap, flimsy, ordinary, and light,” says Miranda, who was born in Europe. “When you wear a Lugdun Artisans piece, you know you are wearing something of quality. And if the piece looks heavy, it’s because it is heavy!”

The rough-hewn designs are tough too, with snakes, skulls, demons, and shackles adorning the chains. Looking for unique ear weights? Lugdun has more than a couple that send a message, including animal horns and a tiny dude who’s sticking out his tongue.

“I never cared if the piece was going to a rock star, politician, biker, or the average guy,” Miranda says. “Lugdun Artisans makes sure that each and every single item that leaves the shop is representative of our brand. And that means that it better represent the utmost quality in craftsmanship, material, and design.”

The shop creates its own original designs, each born from lost wax methods. As a result, every piece that leaves the workshop has a unique fingerprint. One-of-a-kind accessories for one-of-a-kind rebels — there’s no other way to do it, is there?