The Rebel Yell Bourbon-Lover’s Toolkit
The Rebel Yell Bourbon-Lover’s Toolkit

First, let’s get this out of the way: When it comes to enjoying Rebel Yell, the only thing you truly need is yourself and your bottle of bourbon. The whiskey stands on its own.

That said, a few well-chosen accessories can take the Rebel Yell mystique to another level. Here are our suggestions for an essential toolkit for your whiskey-drinking adventures.

A treasured tasting glass
Any short rocks-style glass can fill the bill, but some glasses are better than others. You want a glass that feels right in your hand, and one that does the bourbon justice — something that delivers the total sensory experience, allowing you to see the amber color and inhale the earthy, caramel aroma.

The obvious choice: the so-called “official whiskey drinking glass,” a goblet from Glencairn Crystal from Scotland.

But since when did you ever do the obvious? Check out the curvy number that American glassware company Libbey Inc. recently crafted expressly for bourbon.

Failing that, trek on over to Goodwill or your favorite vintage store, where you can find an assortment of quirky glassware with a past as enigmatic and fabled as your own.

If you are a clean freak, you can certainly follow up with a set of coasters — in natural materials such as wood or leather.

Vintage shot glasses are a fun addition, whether from a legendary tiki bar or in retro materials such as colored aluminum. These are easy to find online, on sites such as Etsy or eBay.

A trendy ice cube tray that makes the colossal-sized cubes is a must. They come in silicone for easy ejection, and can be found at Target and at home goods stores.

But this is a bourbon experience you’re making, not a salad. For a more meditative encounter, consider the acquisition of a journal where you can record your inner thoughts.

Sipping on a glass of bourbon offers you the chance to reflect — on your bourbon, your day, your world. Jotting down your thoughts while in a state of relaxation can bring you clarification and perspective.

If your style of reflection turns outward rather than inward, then let the music flow. Let your moment with Rebel Yell open the doors to that creative being inside you.

Make an acoustic guitar part of your ritual. Whether you’re new at picking or a Keith Richards-in-the-making, your fingers feel more nimble, your thoughts more lucid. And music sets the stage for a connection with others. Who can resist the gentle strum of a guitar?