3 Rebel Facts & Cocktails for Celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month
3 Rebel Facts & Cocktails for Celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month

If you love bourbon—and we have a feeling you do—then it’s time to kick off the best month of the year! September is National Bourbon Heritage Month, and here at Rebel, we have plenty of ways to help you drink to this iconic American spirit (and unleash your inner rebel).

Facts Every Rebel Drinker Should Know

National Bourbon Heritage Month is all about celebrating this libation’s legacy. Brushing up on a few facts is a great way to get started. Take a look:


  • We’ve been rebelling since 1894: Not only has Rebel Bourbon been around for well over a century, but we’ve been breaking the mold since we started. Back in the day, everyone else was making bourbon with rye. However, being the rebels that we are, we decided to do something different and create a wheat-based bourbon. We’ve been raising hell with our daring spirit ever since.


  • Rebel 10 Year Single Barrel is our most decorated Rebel spirit: With its signature notes of caramel, citrus, and velvety oak, Rebel 10 Year Single Barrel has won award after award. The 2022 ASCOT Double Platinum Medal and San Francisco World Spirit Competition Gold Medal are two of our most recent accolades.


  • Rebel 100 is our newest (and most rebellious) member of the family: As its name suggests, Rebel 100 is distilled to a powerful 100-proof. It’s bold, defiant, and downright delicious.


3 Cocktails to Bring Out Your Rebel Side

We hope by now you’re ready to embrace your own Rebel spirit. Thankfully, one of the best (and most delicious ways) to do so is with a Rebel Bourbon cocktail. These recipes are sure to have you feeling feisty:


  • Bourbojito: Savor the last moments of warm weather with this refreshing and rebellious take on a classic mojito. You’ll never make it the traditional way again!


  • American 50: If you’re looking for a more daring version of a French 75, you’ve found your cocktail match-made-in-heaven. Warning: this one goes down a little too easily.


  • Cranberried Rebel Cocktail: If September has you craving something a little cozier, try whipping up this spiced, warming, easy-drinking cranberry Rebel cocktail.


Celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month with Rebel Bourbon

If you want to take your festive spirit to the next level, don’t hesitate to pick up any delicious bourbon Rebel offers. Plus, you can book a distillery tour to get a first-hand look into how your favorite dram goes from mash to glass (with plenty of tastings, to boot).


Real Rebels know that you can celebrate bourbon 365 days a year—but having extra incentive to say cheers to your favorite beverage only makes drinking Rebel Bourbon better. We’re here to help you make the most out of the best month of the year!