Rebel 100 Bourbon is Here! And Hell Yeah You Should Care
Rebel 100 Bourbon is Here! And Hell Yeah You Should Care

Reach for Rebel 100, and you’re reaching for gold, baby! That’s because Rebel 100 Bourbon just won Gold at American Whiskey Masters. Anytime you win some hardware, it’s a big deal, and when you win that hardware from a group of hardcore whiskey and bourbon lovers, it means you’re onto something special.

If you haven’t picked up a bottle of Rebel 100 yet, you might want to reconsider your life decisions.

Here’s what you’re missing:

Tasting Profile

Rebel 100 Bourbon is 100 proof (duh!), which is 20 proof points higher than the original Rebel Bourbon. More proof means more flavor and a profile that’s more balanced than ever before. It’s still a defiantly smooth wheated bourbon with a sweet aroma and bold caramel and vanilla notes.



It’s still in the classic Rebel Bourbon bottle, but with a big ‘100’ printed right in the middle of the label.


Price Point

Everyone should have an opportunity to enjoy Rebel 100 Bourbon. That’s why we’ve kept the price within the $20 range (prices may vary slightly by location).


How to Enjoy Rebel 100

The correct answer is you should enjoy it, “however the f&*% you want to.” But we suggest in a shot, sipped neat, over ice, or in a delicious cocktail.

It’s time to stop missing out and grab a bottle of Rebel 100 today. You can find the closest retailer here on our Product Locator.

Or just take your sorry butt to the corner store. You won’t regret it.