Spirited Stocking Stuffers for the Rebellious Whiskey Lover
Spirited Stocking Stuffers for the Rebellious Whiskey Lover

Hands down, the best gift you can give — or receive — is a bottle of Rebel Bourbon.

But your holiday gift list need not end there. You’ve got lights to put up and stockings to fill, and this list has loads of cool ideas — some with a bourbon theme, some without, but all with a rebel attitude to bring to the party.

Flask for two
The sleek Magnetic Campfire Flask Set comes with two tumblers, built right in. The flask is stainless steel and holds up to a fifth of whiskey (750 ml.) with double-walled insulation to keep it chilled. A wide-mouth top makes for easy fill and easy pour. The tumblers, also insulated, attach to the flask magnetically, one on top, one on the bottom. Tug to pull them off and it’s instant whiskey for two. There are two versions: Borealis Edition, a dark, sleek gunmetal finish; and stainless steel. $125

Balm for the beard
Some guys grow beards, assuming it’s easier than shaving. Nope. Beards require TLC, and that includes beard balm — to tame unruly hairs, fend off beard itch, and keep skin soft. The best balms, like Beard Unlimited’s Sandalwood Bourbon, are made from just a few all-natural ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and fragrance. The Sandalwood scent is floral, woodsy, inspired by nature, pleasing but not overwhelming. Add in the Beard Oil and Beard Wash for the really wild beards. $17.95-$19.95

Bourbon and jerky
House of Jerky is a mom-and-pop shop that’s been selling quality jerky products since 1993. Their chipotle bourbon beef jerky starts with top round, which gets cured with brown sugar, teriyaki, honey, OJ, bourbon, and chipotle. No preservatives, no flavor enhancers like MSG, it’s made in small batches, delivered moist and fresh. $23

Spike bracelet
Boutique jeweler takes a clean, pared-down approach to its bracelets, rings, and necklaces, using brass and silver oxide finishes to create a rough-hewn touch in each piece. Inspired by a railroad spike, this Giles & Brother cuff forms a defiant curve ’round the wrist that’s equally appropriate for men or women. It comes in four finishes, including antique brass and a distinctive dark blue. It’s also available in sterling silver for $495. You can personalize it with letters, numbers, or symbols, which they’ll stamp for you into one side. $95 to $120

Bourbon ‘n’ coffee
If you thought making bourbon was a meticulous process, it has nothing on this bourbon-barrel aged coffee. They select charred oak barrels, then age 100% Arabica coffee beans in said barrels until they become infused with that signature sweet and smoky bourbon flavor. They roast the beans to a medium roast, resulting in a smooth, mellow brew with an unmistakable bourbon finish. It’s totally your call whether you decide to add a shot of the real deal. They roast to order and sell whole beans only, to guarantee freshness. $30 for a 10-ounce bag

Bourbon spinner
One of the hottest dining trends is charcuterie boards, with a spread of cold cuts, cheese, nuts, and fruit arranged on a wooden board. Add a Kentucky bourbon touch with this one-of-a-kind lazy susan, made from a reclaimed barrel head taken from a Kentucky distillery. They’re cleaned up and attached to a heavy-duty steel ball turntable for smooth spinning, no matter what you stack on top. The 21- to 22-inch diameter surface features batch markings for authenticity; as you snack and sip, you can offer a bourbon toast to the bourbon your lazy susan once helped age. $109 to $119

Tree bling
You don’t need to be a bartender to dig this ornament of a gleaming silver cocktail shaker, ready to give any tree a much-needed tipsy touch. The ornament is glass, with a reflective silver surface that summons the quintessential stainless-steel cocktail shaker with a little martini-glass logo in front — but standing a mere 4 1/4 inches tall, 2 inches wide, and weighing just over an ounce. All sides are fully detailed, including the articulated metal lid. $8

Bourbon-soaked toothpicks
Crafted from sturdy birch and made for a lengthy chew, these hardcore toothpicks aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re steeped in cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon, and as they’re warmed up in the mouth notes of oak, leather, caramel, and almond, with hints of fruit, begin to emerge. $9 per bottle

Socks for the stocking
Socks are a total Dad gift, but who can resist this bourbon version? They’re a mercifully tasteful brown or navy blue with the word “bourbon” forming horizontal stripes that no one will see under your pants (unless you want them to, that is). They’re made of a blend of cotton, rayon, spandex, and elastic – no polyester or acrylic, to their credit. Southern Socks is based in Lexington, Kentucky — an hour from the headquarters of Lux Row Distillery — and is from the fun folks who founded the “Kentucky for Kentucky” website kyforky.com, brimming with bluegrass pride. $12