5 Things a Rebel Should Never Do with Bourbon
5 Things a Rebel Should Never Do with Bourbon

The pleasurable possibilities of Rebel Yell bourbon seem infinite. Say the words Rebel Yell, and it’s all systems go, sky’s the limit, what can’t you do? And yet, there are scenarios in which some discretion is advised. These are five things you should never do with your bourbon.

Store it carelessly.
Your bourbon is a precious gift — one whose lifespan and integrity you’ll want to prolong until the very last drop. That means storing it under optimum circumstances so that its quality is not compromised.

It doesn’t like extremes of temperature or light. Shield it from the sun and from your oven – and no stashing in the freezer. Instead, keep it at room temperature, tucked in a cabinet away from the elements.

Underestimate it.
Bourbon is a complicated character. Part of the joy of drinking it is encountering its array of flavors — notes of butter, raisins, honey, and spice. Why deny yourself that rich experience?

Hoard it.
There is sometimes a tendency with something precious to want to keep it on the shelf, to set it aside and save it for the proverbial special occasion. But your bourbon doesn’t benefit from aging. In fact, it evaporates ever so slowly. The good news: You can always buy another bottle.

Post artsy selfies of you together.
You and a bottle of Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon would make a lovely photo, no doubt. But photos are for people who are watching life, not living it. Do you want to gaze at a photo of Rebel Yell — or do you want to share it with friends?

Go quietly.
Rebels never go quietly. We are here to do the opposite. End of story.