5 Best Ways to Drink Bourbon This Summer
5 Best Ways to Drink Bourbon This Summer

There’s never a wrong season for drinking Rebel Yell, but there’s something enormously liberating about summer. It’s that sense of untapped potential, that anything can and will happen — like driving off with a custom motorcycle built by one of the country’s best craftsmen.

Don’t let it happen without Rebel Yell. Here are our picks for the best ways to drink bourbon this summer. And while you’re having those summer adventures, capture the moment(s): You will want to upload the evidence for your chance to win that aforementioned custom motorcycle in our Rebels Uncaged contest.

Oh and please enjoy responsibly, i.e., a toast after the fun times are had.

Roughing it for a few days in the woods puts you in touch with nature, and lets you off the hook on shaving. But the main benefit is that you aren’t expected to do a thing but sit back and enjoy — ideally with a splash of Rebel Yell Small Batch Reserve.

Rope swinging
If there’s a body of water and a tree nearby, you can bet someone’s tied a rope to the tree. As cheap thrills go, rope swings score high. You get to play Tarzan as you soar high over the water, riding the adrenaline rush. And then down a shot of Rebel Yell Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey when you’re done.

Rock climbing
Whether it’s the epic peaks of the mighty El Capitan in Yosemite National Park or the wall at your neighborhood gym, rock climbing is sure to get your pulse racing and produce a feeling of accomplishment when you climb back down. Let us raise a glass of Rebel Yell Small Batch Rye to toast your achievement.

Sky diving
For some, sky diving is a bucket-list item — a white-knuckle feat that strips away inhibition and transforms their lives. For the Rebel Yell set, jumping out of a plane at 12,500 feet high and feeling the wind against your face is just another day in paradise. Chase with a swig of bourbon upon landing.

Ditching work
Not every Rebel Yell excursion has to be extreme. Sometimes a minor ripple to the routine — such as an impromptu personal day — provokes the greatest sense of freedom. A mid-afternoon bourbon cocktail will make you see what’s around you in a totally different light.

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