How Whiskey Became the World’s Hottest Spirit

We don’t ask why the sky is blue or why we like what we like. One’s love for the greatness that is Rebel Yell whiskeys requires no explanation, no justification. It just is.

On the other hand, when it comes to whiskey, we like to know what’s going on in the world around us. We like getting a sense of the big picture — and why everyone around us is coming along for the ride.

To that end, we bring you some of the trends that are making whiskey so very, very hot. […]

This Rebel Improves With Age

It took a decade, but Rebel Yell has finally released one of the most anticipated products in company history: 10-year aged Rebel Yell Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

It was conceived by distiller John E. Rempe and brand manager Fletcher Buchman, after the duo had tasted some of the older barrels of Rebel Yell bourbon in the distillery. They were blown away by the flavor and finesse of the aged spirit. […]