How to Tailgate Like a Rebel

Officially, tailgating is a gathering before a football game or concert — a pre-scrimmage ritual, accompanied by food and drink, where fans warm up for their designated favorite team or band. Put that aside, and it’s really just a good excuse for a party. (In fact, up to 35 percent of tailgaters are there for the festivities only and don’t even attend the event.)

Because the tailgate is tied to an event, it has an inherent, irresistible sense of urgency — a rough-and-ready, here-and-now vibe — whether it goes down in a stadium parking lot or your own backyard. Consider this the official Rebel Yell guide to tailgating. […]

5 Best Ways to Drink Bourbon This Summer

There’s never a wrong season for drinking Rebel Yell, but there’s something enormously liberating about summer. It’s that sense of untapped potential, that anything can and will happen — like driving off with a custom motorcycle built by one of the country’s best craftsmen.

Don’t let it happen without Rebel Yell. Here are our picks for the best ways to drink bourbon this summer. And while you’re having those summer adventures, capture the moment(s): You will want to upload the evidence for your chance to win that aforementioned custom motorcycle in our Rebels Uncaged contest.

Oh and please enjoy responsibly, i.e., a toast after the fun times are had. […]

The Rebel Yell Playlist Inspired by Mountain Jam Music Festival

The spirit of Woodstock lives on in Mountain Jam, the annual music festival that takes place every June in New York’s Catskill Mountains. Founded in 2005 by Allman Brothers Band guitarist Warren Haynes, Mountain Jam has blossomed into a three-day affair with jam bands and every other genre: rock, rap, soul, and country, performing on three stages at Hunter Mountain ski resort.

You camp. You commune. You listen to music. You drink Rebel Yell, which is sponsoring the fest.

To that end, we’ve culled a sampler playlist of our favorite tracks from the 2017 lineup. The songs give a snapshot of how the event will sound, but filtered through the unrepentantly adventurous Rebel Yell mindset. […]